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Thanks again for all of your hard work.
We didn't have to worry about the ceremony at all, thanks to you!


We’ll meet at a convenient location such as a coffee shop to talk about what type of ceremony you’re looking for and to provide you with a way to decide if you feel comfortable with me and my officiating services. This initial meeting takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes and is free of charge. Let’s find out if we’re a good match!


Classic Ceremony



I will give you choices of wedding ceremonies to choose from so you can find a ceremony which suits your style and is a reflection of you and your partner.  You may want a more traditional ceremony, or you may prefer a more eclectic and contemporary ceremony. I have an extensive collection of readings for you to look at, and you may write your own vows or use vows from my collection. We will collaborate on your ceremony until you are fully satisfied with every element.



“Your Story” Ceremony



This is the most personal ceremony I offer. You and your partner each fill out a questionnaire, and I will create a unique ceremony which tells your love story. I will provide you with a suggested ceremony outline and give you sample readings. You may write your own vows or I will provide you with a variety of vows to choose from. We will collaborate on your ceremony until you are fully satisfied with every element.



Civil Ceremony



A civil ceremony is a short ceremony with “just the basics,” including vows you have chosen. You have the opportunity to review a draft of your ceremony and I will edit it with your suggestions.



​Wedding Rehearsal



A wedding rehearsal is scheduled on a different date than the wedding (usually the night before or two nights before the wedding) and is optional. Most people find having a rehearsal helps the actual ceremony run smoothly and reduces stress.


Vow Renewals



Couples who have been married for a while often choose to renew their vows to celebrate their relationship. A vow renewal may be scheduled for any anniversary or alternatively, may be a way to tell your loved ones that you’ve overcome a rough period and want to reaffirm your commitment to each other.


Commitment Ceremonies

Price varies depending on complexity and length of ceremony.


You may choose a commitment ceremony because you are not able to marry for some reason, or you may just want to bless your relationship without a marriage license. A commitment ceremony is a ritual to bless your relationship and tells your loved ones you are deeply committed to each other. Your commitment ceremony may look just like a wedding or it may be small and intimate.

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