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You have chosen the person you want to marry.  You want a happy, memorable, stress-free wedding day. Enjoy your wedding day, and let me create and officiate a wedding ceremony which will reflect the love and commitment you two share.  I will listen carefully to your desires so I understand exactly what you want for your ceremony.


Vow Renewals


You have decided to renew your vows and tell your nearest and dearest how much you cherish your loved one. Whether you are celebrating a significant anniversary or the fact that your relationship has overcome a big challenge, I will create a personalized vow renewal ceremony which tells your story in the way YOU want it told.



Commitment Ceremonies


Many people choose a commitment ceremony when marrying is not feasible. A commitment ceremony tells everyone that you are in love and deeply committed to each other. It is a public affirmation of your status as a couple. There is no paperwork to fill out for a commitment ceremony.

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